2006-05-19 / Clubs & Organizations

Dehorsey wins chess tourney


The Northwest School held a four-round chess tournament for beginners on May 2 and May 9 as part of its after-school program. Fifteen students took part, of which nine were girls. The winner, with a perfect score of four wins, was Aislinn Dehorsey, Grade 2. Tied for 2nd-4th place with three wins and one loss were Andrew Harrington and Samantha Davis, both Grade 1; and Luiz Oliveira, Grade 3. Deadlocked for 5th-6th place with two wins, one draw and one loss were Tavish Dehorsey, Grade 2; and Sevina Ortiz, Grade 4. Four players tied for 7th10th place with two wins and two losses. They were Tampsi Santos and Alexis Rivera, both Grade 2; and Laura Davis and Emma Cucchiara, both Grade 1. Wesley Corliss and Julia Davis, both Grade 1, tied for 11th-12th place with one draw, two losses and one bye apiece. Alex Ferguson, Grade 2, finished in 13th place with one win and three losses. Ending up in a scoreless tie for 14th-15th place were Gina Tocci, Grade 1, and Cassandra Matthews, Grade 2

George Mirijanian of Fitchburg, president of the Massachusetts Chess Association, directed the tournament. He has been the teacher in Northwests after-school chess program since the fall of 2005.

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