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Mature workers wanted

To the Editor:

Experience Works is seeking mature workers in Worcester County. Experience Works, formerly known as Green Thumb, is a national, nonprofit organization that provides training and employment services for mature workers. If space allows, please include the following information as a public service announcement (PSA) at no charge in your publication:

Are you 55 or older with limited income and searching for employment? If you are seeking employment, need training or need additional job experience, Experience Works Inc. (formerly known as Green Thumb, Inc.) may be able to help you. We have local training and employment opportunities in Worcester County. For more information, please call (978) 630-1203 or (800) 562-2776 or visit us at www.experienceworks. org.


Regional Communications Specialist

Experience Works, Inc. March with pride

To my Leominster Band of Brothers and Sisters of military service:

I need your help.

I need, want, ask, cajole, beg, plead, shame, embarrass, seek, look for, request, order, [insert your own verb here] you to march with me this Memorial Day. If you can still get into your uniform, wear it.

Why? Because... we served, we survived and we returned.

We are alive and breathing and our family and friends can see us, talk to us, fish with us or go get ice cream with us. We appreciate simple earthly pleasures the fragrant smell of freshly cut green grass; the icy touch of fluffy snowflakes melting on our tongues; the melodious sounds of giggling children as they jump into a pile of raked leaves; the sweet taste of butter dripped lobster or coffee without fear; the emotionally powerful sight of wind snapped stars and bars that symbolizes free people.

And we know depths of sacrifice that cannot be romanticized or televised.

There are 2,400 American souls that can no longer walk this earth amongst us after 3 years in Iraq. There are 200 brothers and sisters that will never get to die of old age after 4-1/2 years in Afghanistan. There are approximately 150 veterans of World War 2, Korea and Vietnam dying each day.

We, the survivors, still have a mission to accomplish. Our obligation, our duty is to honor those

warriors that are reconnoitering for us the path to our creator. We simply have to march, to stand, to salute, and to possibly shed a tear while Taps is played. We also must remind the citizenry that "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters..." are amongst them and our fallen brothers and sisters will NOT be forgotten.

DENNIS M. LYDDY Master Sergeant, Army Reserves, Retired

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