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There's a bit of magic in Leominster


"Are you all right, my lady?" Chris Matthews asks of a frightened Inuit woman.

Chivalry may be a dying art, but not on Tuesday nights at L.A.N (Local Area Network) Games, 444 Central St., Leominster. On that night, a group of men and women get together to challenge the norms… and save the world.

No, L.A.N. isn't a secret meeting place for super heroes. It's a gaming store, where gamers come to play board games like Cosmic Encounters and Scrabble; card games like Legends of the Five Rings and Magic: The Gathering; computer games like Warcraft and Civilization IV; and table-top role playing games like World of Darkness and Dungeons and Dragons.

Since L.A.N. Games was established in May of 2004, it has developed it's own community. Reminiscent of Cheers, people's names are called in welcome when they arrive. Most nights people pool their resources for pizza or Chinese, and sit around a table, hanging out even if there isn't a game being played.

But this group isn't exclusive. Comprised of gamers of both sexes ranging in age from 12 to 56, it's about as diverse a mix as you can imagine. And, at any given time, new people arrive and are invited to play the next hand.

The rules are simple. It's a dollar to come in and hang out or play, unless you spend at least five dollars on cards or chips or soda. It's a small thing, a dollar, but it keeps away anyone without a real interest in having fun. Oh… and no cursing. Which again might seem like a revival of older morals, but it works to keep sore losers from getting out of hand.

"Well, let me see what I have," Dave Lolli, the owner of L.A.N. says to a potential customer.

Honestly Dave, anyone can see what L.A.N. has. It has community. It has fun.

It has a bit of magic in Leominster. For more information, call (978) 466- 9851.

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