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Sentinel editor leaving post


After serving as the editor of the Sentinel & Enterprise for more than seven years, Jeff McMenemy will serve his last day on the job Friday, June 4.

“I have been here for seven and a half years. I thought it was a good time to do something different,” said McMenemy. “Over the last six months or so, I have started to get more into writing. That is what I really love to do.”

McMenemy said he has some short-term things lined up in the news business, and although those jobs are not in this area, he will always have an interest in what is happening in the communities in North Central Massachusetts.

“It is an incredible area to work in. It is a great news area with lots of great issues to cover,” said McMenemy, who came to the Sentinel in late 2002.

McMenemy said the staff of the Sentinel & Enterprise has been condensed over the years, but that did not play into his decision to leave.

“In the past years he has done a terrific job covering the local news with a lean staff,” said Tom Kirk, Sentinel & Enterprise publisher and ad director.

The Sentinel has also seen a high turnover rate in publishers since the departure of Asa Cole in March 2006. Cole, who hired McMenemy, had served in the role for six years.

After Cole, Richard Barker held the role of publisher until early 2007. Following Barker was Chuck Owen, for a five-month stint, then Rick Thurman for nine months. Greig Smith was hired in January 2009, and was replaced by Sean McDonald later that year. McDonald was publisher for five months, before Kirk was hired in March 2010.

“I think it gives me as publisher a true fresh start,” Kirk said.

“The key part of it is that the next editor be involved and engaged with all of the community we cover,” he continued.

McMenemy said he has enjoyed the newspaper’s partnership with Fitchburg State College, covering politics in this area, as well as some of the feature stories his staff has produced.

“I was really proud of how it turned out,” said McMenemy.

He has also dealt with criticism over the years, which he said is something that one has to be able to handle working at a newspaper.

Kirk said he will be searching for someone “to be more visible in the

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